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Temple of Orchid

Assam is not only known for its famous tea gardens and endangered one-horned rhino. The beautiful north-eastern state is known for its bio-diversity hot spots, awesome cuisine, flora and fauna. Apart from a wide range of regional herbs, shrubs and plants, Assam is also home to several fascinating species of orchids. Orchid is the state flower of Assam and it directly attached to the folk culture of Assam, where it is known as "kopou phool". There are different varieties of the "kopou phool" found across the state.

The orchid House of the Silapathar Science College was inaugurated by Dr. A. K. Mishra, Director, ASTEC, Ghy on 13th day of September 2017 during the session of District Level National Children Science Congress held at Silapathar Science College, Silapathar. Dr. S.K. Barthakur, prof. GU was also present at that happy moment. Around 110 species of orchids are being conserved in Ex-situ condition in the Orchid house. Orchids expert were invited from different corner of the state to share their knowledge base  with the members of the entire are who are committed to conservation of the Orchids. For management of orchid collection and plantation, A decision as per discussion was taken according to which 20 (twenty) active students were to be selected as members every year from the department of botany who are to work with dedication for making the activities of orchid house successful.

Students from various schools having guided visit of 'Temple of Orchid'

The main objectives of orchid house are the following- 

  1. Conservation and propagation of wild orchids.
  2. Systematic study of known and unknown orchids found in nearby forest areas.
  3. To train at least 20 student/teacher members every year on orchid nursery management,
  4. After regeneration, the orchids will be planted in the nearby forests under care.
  5. To conduct awareness program on conservation of Orchid among to students .

Students getting involved in the hands on experience in 'Temple of Orchid'