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Bus Service of Silapathar Science College

Silapathar Science College is pleased to operate a number of bus services in the surrounding areas viz. Likabali, MES, Maduripathar, Akajan, Kulajan, Piyang, Tongani, Silasuti, Silli and Dimow. If you have any queries about these services (or any other transport queries), please contact our Student Services Team or the Office.

1. Bus Services are available only at the particular ‘Points’ in different directions on all working days of the college.

2. Students who wish to enjoy the bus facility are directed to apply for the same in advance.

3. Students  have to collect ‘BUS PASS ‘from the college office, before enjoying the  bus facility. They are also directed to produce the Bus Pass for verification, when demanded for, by the authorized person.

4. If a student wants to discontinue the bus facility he/ she must apply for the same in advance, before starting the particular semester. Discontinuance  is not allowed after starting the current semester. The student  will have to pay the FULL BUS FEE of the semester, if application for discontinuance is submitted after starting the semester.

5. Students must behave with the dignity and courtesy in the bus and may face consequences if they are found guilty for damage of the internal arrangements of the bus.

6. Other students, who have NO BUS PASS  facility, are not allowed to use the college bus facility.

** Please note that there may be changes in the morning pickup times during exam periods to ensure timely arrival of the students on time for examination.