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Silapathar Science College, established in the year 1996 is one of the, premier educational institution inseminating the values of modern science to the aspiring students in the Northern part of the Brahmaputra valley of upper Assam.

Every year, many ambitious students with great expectations seek admission in this premier institution. Let me assure you that the college has a brilliant, experienced and dynamic faculty members and well equipped up-to-date laboratories and infrastructure. The college has a cell for co-curricular activities like Seminar, Community Development Programs, Bio-Diversity Conservation & Environmental Awareness Program, IQAC and Career Counseling& Guidance Cell. I am immensely pleased to inform that ARYABHATTA SCIENCE CENTER (ASTEC.), OPEN SCHOOLIING CENTER DIPLOMA IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) and KRISHNA KANTA HANDIQUI STATE OPEN UNIVERSITY STUDY CENTER (KKHSOU) are recently added to this premier institution to create Scientific Temperament in every student to face the future Scientific & Technological World. We give importance to the overall development of the personality of our students.

I am sure that your stay in this institution will equip you to cope up with the present world of globalization & technological advancement.
I wish you all success and a very bright & prosperous future for having faith and choosing this college. ”

Dr. RanjitSaikia, M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D
Silapathar Science College, Silapathar
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