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Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology is one of the oldest Department of Silapathar Science College. It was established in the year 1996. The Zoology Department being one of the pioneer departments still carry its legacy of tradition with excellent teaching and non-teaching staff. The department is actively involved in organizing Exhibition, Seminar and Environmental Awareness Programmes. The department organizes seminar for students every year where each student is to deliver lectures on their respective topics. Apart from the academic activities an effort is always there to provide the students of honours, an exposure tour to various places, for hands on experience.


Department of Zoology nurtures a good study environment for students and apart from efficient support of the laboratory staff modern sophisticated instruments are provided to students for various laboratory works.

Teachers are always available for the students to answer their queries on carrier advancement and proper guidance in this regard is always given to the best of the teachers knowledge. Students are given exposure of all sort of facilities like seminar, library, guidance in preparing field report and class tests etc. 

Resources : Resources available in the Department of Zoology at present are:

  1. Departmental Library
  2. Museum : Departmental Museum is enriched with a number of rare specimens and a number of skeletons, charts models as well and perfectly illuminated exhibits. 
  3. Well equipped Laboratory
  4. Equipment and aids for modern laboratory experiments
  5. Internet Connectivity

Faculty Members:

Ms Lolita Doley
Assistant Professor (HOD)
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Dr Dr. Pabitra Sarmah
Assistant Professor
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Dr Chandana Shyam
Assistant Professor
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Dr Pinku Satnami
Assistant Professor
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