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Infrastructure and Campus

Main Campus of Silapathar Science College is spread covering an area of 12 (Twelve Bighas) 3(Three) Kathas and 17 (Seventeen) Lechas of land and has a builtup area of about 3667 Sq. Mtr.

List of Physical Facilities

1Principal's Office1PREVIEW
2Accountant Room2PREVIEW
3Office Room3PREVIEW
4Department of English4PREVIEW
5Rice Bank5PREVIEW
6Class Room6PREVIEW
7Cash Counter7PREVIEW
8Department of Mathematics8PREVIEW
9Math Honours 5th / 6th sem9PREVIEW
10Math Honours 3rd/4Th Sem10PREVIEW
11Stuff Common Room11PREVIEW
12Generic 1st/2nd/3rd/4th sem/5th/6th12PREVIEW
13Gymnasium Hall13PREVIEW
14Generic 1st/2nd/3rd/4th sem/5th/6th14PREVIEW
15Chemistry Lab15PREVIEW
16Department of Chemistry16PREVIEW
17Store Room of Physics17PREVIEW
18Physics Lab18PREVIEW
19Phy  Honours 5th/6th sem19PREVIEW
20Zoo  Honours 3rd/4th sem20PREVIEW
21Zoology Lab21PREVIEW
22Department of Zoology22PREVIEW
23Department of Botany23PREVIEW
24Botany Lab24PREVIEW
25Bot Honours 5th/6th sem25PREVIEW
26Bot Honours 3rd/4th sem26PREVIEW
27Bot Honours 1st/2nd sem27PREVIEW
28Zoo  Honours 5th/6th sem28PREVIEW
29Zoo  Honours 1st/2nd sem29PREVIEW
30Department of Physics30PREVIEW
31Phy  Honours 3rd/4th sem31PREVIEW
32Chem  Honours 3rd/4th sem32PREVIEW
33Chem  Honours 5th/6th sem33PREVIEW
34Department of Anthropology34PREVIEW
35Anthropology Lab/Anth Honours 5th/6th sem35PREVIEW
36Computer Lab36PREVIEW
37Anth Honours 1st/2nd sem37PREVIEW
38Anth Honours 3rd/4th sem38PREVIEW
39SEC Class Room39PREVIEW
40PG Staff Room 40PREVIEW
41Library Hall41PREVIEW
42Girls Common Room42PREVIEW
43Yoga Centre43PREVIEW
44MIL/1st Sem Chem Honours44PREVIEW
45Math Honours 1st/2nd Sem/Alt English45PREVIEW
46Cutting & Tailoring Training Centre and Women Empowerment Cell46PREVIEW
47Exam Confidential Room47PREVIEW
48S.K. Borthakur Study Centre48PREVIEW
50M.Sc Zoology 1st/2nd Sem50PREVIEW
51M.Sc Botany 1st/2nd Sem51PREVIEW
52M.Sc Zoology 3rd/4th Sem52PREVIEW
53M.Sc Botany 3rd/4th Sem53PREVIEW

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