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Program & Course Outcome

Programme Outcomes (POs)

Programme Outcomes are statements about the knowledge, skills and attitudes (attributes) the students should have at the end of a formal program Graduate program in India. POs are broader statements that describe what the students areexpected to learn and would be able to do after their Bachelor Degree. POs deal with the generalaspect of graduation for a particular programme, and the competencies and expertise a graduatewill possess after completion of the programme.

Course Outcomes (COs)

Course-Specific outcomes are called Course Outcomes. Course Outcomes (Cos) are narrower statements that describe what students are expected to know, and be able to do at the end of each course. The CO sare statements that relate to the skills, knowledge, and behaviour the students acquire as they gothrough a specific course within a program. The course outcomes are statements which are course-specific. They cover the core course related outcomes, and contribute to the overall attainment ofthe Program Outcomes.

The PO & CO for the B. Sc. course can be downloaded/viewed <here>