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ICT Facilities

The twentieth century is the age of information and communication technology. ICT spreads its network in every sector of life. Education is not out of it. The havoc exposure of digital movement results in a positive impact in India. But it is already known that the digital knowledge of the rural students is lower than that of urban students due to lack of digital exposure and facility. Therefore, the students of the rural area suffer from many communication gaps in different sections. Silapathar Science College, situated in a rural, tribal and border area, has adopted various measures to raise the level of digital consciousness and competency of the students to acclimatize them to the contemporary digital environment. With this objective in view, the college has established the ICT based teaching-learning system. ICT enabled classroom, to make the mission of college authority successful. The ICT infrastructure of the college helps to maintain the ecosystem of education system. 

The dynamic teaching faculties of the College did a commendable job in keeping students aligned with academics adopting ICT tools like those backed by Google, Microsoft and Zoom  during the pandemic caused by Covid-19 when the students have been out of campus for a long time.

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1A Briefing of ICT Facilities of Silapathar Science College<Click to View/download>