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Department of English

The Department of English

Date of Establishment:  1996

Location: 1st Floor, New Administrative Building

Since its inception in 1996, the department and the faculties associated with the department has shown dedicated involvement towards the development of the academic environment of the institution so far as the Higher Secondary and Degree Course is concerned. Though the restrictive syllabus of the B. Sc Course limits the students' load to the development of the functional aspect of English, effort is always put so as to nurture and develop the knowledge of grammar in a remedial manner.

English is included as a compulsory subject only in the 1st and 2nd Semesters of total 6 Semesters of the B.Sc course. While the 1st Semester students (Both Major and Core) need to learn the functional aspects of English language, which would benefit them in their professional life later on, the 2nd Semester students (Only Core) are introduced to a few selected Poems and Prose pieces that would enable them in appreciating literary creations.


The induction of the Language Laboratory, sponsored by the UGC, as a complementary wing of the English Department, is expected to bring about a great deal of transition to the role the Department of English had been playing in the undergraduate course. Assisted by modern audio-visual teaching aids, this transition is likely to help deeply in the development of the language, phonetic and soft skills.


H.S. (Science): 200 nos (100 Eng. + 100 Assamese Medium)

B. Sc. (Core) : 300 nos

Faculty Members:

Mr Ankush Chutia
Assistant Professor
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Mr Nihar Jyoti Lahon
Assistant Professor (HOD)
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Mr Bikey Das
Assistant Professor
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