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Career Oriented Courses

Following are the Career Oriented Courses on offer apart from other regular courses in Silapathar Science College.


Silapathar Science College offers Diploma Course in Information Technology under the UGC sponsored COP Programme.

Rules and Regulations for Diploma Course in Information Technology:

          A.      The Diploma Course will be of 1 (One) Year Duration.

          B.      The College has highly qualified expert teaching staff for conducting the Course smoothly.

          C.      The College will provide a well-equipped Laboratory for the Students of the Diploma in IT Course.

          D.      In order to get enrolled in the Course, the aspiring students will have to submit the filled-in form, available at the college during the working hours, within the stipulated time, along with the necessary testimonials. 

          Testimonials Required for Admission:

          (i)      Provisional Pass Certificate

          (ii)     Mark Statement (HSLC and HS)

          (iii)    Caste Certificate

          (iv)    Permanent Residence Certificate

          (v)     Age Certificate/Admit Card (HSLC)

          (vi)    Pass-port Size Photograph (2 copies)

          E.      A student must have minimum 75% attendance to sit for their Final examination. A student who has less than 75% attendance shall not be permitted to sit for the Final examination. 

          F.       In case, a student fails to qualify in the Final Examination, then there will be a provision for re-exam, to be held within 6 (six) months duration. Each Student will get a maximum of 3 (Three) chances to qualify for the Diploma Certificate.

Exam.  pattern :

          There shall be 30% marks for internal assessment and 70% marks for theory examination in each paper for the course. The minimum qualification marks for each subject is 40% marks (sum of both external and internal assessment) and the total minimum marks for the course is 280 marks out of 700 marks. The result will be declared based on a grading system.



            The opportunity to study on Herbal Medicinal Plants under the UGC sponsored Career Oriented Programme is also available in the college. The course will be initially operated by the Department of Botany of the college.

Humanity has developed intimate relationship with plant and plant products for human sustenance. Herbs are used for both culinary and medicinal purposes and sometimes even spiritual ones. India has a rich heritage of traditional herbal knowledge as well as rich herbal diversity.

          Special attention will be focused on plants that have been used for the treatment of human diseases such as cancer, heart disease, nervous system disorders, and other disorders. This course will provide a broader perspective to undergraduates intending to enter medicine or medically-related fields including medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical science, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, ethnobotany or herbal practice.

          The co-ordinator of the course is the HoD, Deptt. of Botany and for any information regarding the course, interested persons may contact his/her.

Course Objectives :

          This course envisages training the students so as to develop the following:

          a.       Importance of medicinal plants to medicine development.

          b.      Fundamental concepts of medicinal plants.

          c.       Commitment for medicinal plant diversity conservation

          d.      Ability to collect, process and store herbal raw material

          e.       Relevance between medicines and poisons

          f.       Natural prescription for natural cures

          g.      Ability to handle quality control procedures and instruments for herbal drugs

          h.      Ability to undertake primary health care extensions for the rural population.

Course Requirements :

          An open and curious mind is all that is required. This course will not require you to have previous experience in any particular area. The minimum requirement is a HSLC pass certificate.

Course Duration :

          One Year.

Career Opportunities :

            The study and research in different areas relating to medicine need trained personnel, who are good at plant taxonomy, field work and the applied aspects of Botany, especially medicinal plants. The country is also witnessing an increasing demand and production of herbal Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Cosmaceuticals. There is a global demand of such but authentic products. Pharma Companies are in need of trained personnel at their quality control department.