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Eco Club - an initiative under MoEEFCC

Eco-Club is initiated by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Govt. of India as a project named National Green Corps (NGC) for creating environmental awareness. Launched in 2001-02, it aims at building cadres of young children working towards environmental conservation and sustainable development. Initially, Eco club was set up only in school level institutions across the country. Recently, MoEFCC, Govt. of India launched and widened the extent this club to include 100 colleges in every state. In Assam, this Eco Club is supported by Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC) as a Nodal Agency. Among 100 colleges of Assam, Silapathar Science College has also been selected by ASTEC, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of Assam for setting up an Eco club vide letter no. ASTEC/ENV/1856/2018/398 dated 25.1.2019.

Prime objectives of  NGC:

1.       Creating environmental awareness among masses.

2.       Environment education and capacity building of young children. 

3.       Environmental conservation and sustainable development.



Name of the Program: Conservation works of orchids

VENUE: Orchid house & college campus

DATE: 5 January, 2019

Eco club members are engaged in the conservation of wild orchid’s in-situ and Ex-situ conditions. For this purposes, we have visited frequently nearby habitats of orchid and conducted public awareness programme. For preservation and regeneration of Wild orchids, the college is established an Orchidarium in the college campus with 90 rescued wild species of orchids. Besides, Ecoclub members have taken various activities on regenerations of orchids in the orchidarium.


TITLE: National science Day

Date: 28 February 2019       

Venue: Orchid house & college campus

National science Day was celebrated on 28th Feb., 2019 at college campus where 30 Eco club members participated in orchid plantation programme as well as environment related awareness programme. On this day, president of Silpathar Science College, Silapathar and few school teachers delivered speech on environment related issues. 


TITLE: Massive plantation programme

DATE: VENUE: 8th March, 2019

Venue: 3rd Campus, Lekabali

About 500 sapling of Melia dubia, a fast growing tree used by plywood industry have been planted in 3rd campus of Silapathar Science College, Silpathar located in Lekabali in collaboration with Rain Forest Research Institute, Jorhat. In this Programe, Mr. Satyam Bordoloi, Scientist- D and his associate of RFRI and principal of Silapathar Science College with few faculties were present. 


TITLE: World Environment Day

DATE: 5th June, 2019

On the occasion of World environment day, 2019, Eco club members took up a plantation programme and planted around 1200 most valuable Agar tree (Aquilariamalacansis) in 3rd campus of Silapathar Science College, Silapathar which was organised in association with Rain Forest Research Institute, Jorhat. In this plantation programme, Dr. R. Saikia, Principal, Silapathar Science College, Silapathr and Scientist of RFRI Rajib Kumar Kalita, Scientist- D, Dr. Gaurav Mishra and their associates were present. The students of Bhairobpur Netaji M. V. School and Borpathar Nabajyoti M. E. School also participated in the program.



ORGANIZED BY: Eco Club, Silapathar Science college and supported by NGO’s such as Orchid Society of Assam, Manuhe Manuhar Babe

Date: 10-09-2020                        

Place : Poba Resrve Forest, Jonai

Banyan tree plantation programm was organised by Orchid Society of Assam with the support of Eco- Club(Silapathar Science College, Silapathar), Manuhe manuhor babe(NGO) and the program was lead by Mr. Debojit Gogoi, Vice president, Orchid society of Assam. 30 nos of sapling were planted in Poba Reserve Forest near Tinimail Ghat, Jonai.


TITLE: Awareness/workshop programme for orchid conservation

Date: 13.11.2021          

Place: Silapathar Science College Campus, Silapathar 

Organized by:  Eco Club (Silapathar Science College) & supported by Orchid Society of Assam.

A day long program was organized to increase the conservation awareness of native orchids, habitats and host trees of orchids. In this workshop, about 100 students of B.Sc & M.Sc. Botany along with 15 faculties of the Silapathar Science College were attended. Experience resource persons on orchid cultivation and conservation have been invited for the day long programme.  Resource person Mr. Tankeswar Doloi, Mr. Gandheswar Bora and Mr. Deep Kumar Doley trained to students for orchid growing and propagation techniques. This programme created awareness among the students to save the beautiful orchids as well as their host trees and habitat. The participants were trained well to taking care of hybrid orchids in different type of media and their commercial benefits. The students and other participants of workshop   were planted about 20 saplings of orchids in trees and orchidarium of the college campus. Dr. Ranjit Saikia , Principal, Silapathar Science College, delivered valuable speech on orchids of the Assam and aboard. 

The programme was coordinated by Dr. Jitu Gogoi, Teacher In-Charge of Eco-club, Silapathar Science College and assisted by state level NGO (Orchid Society of Assam).  Members of the Orchid Society of Assam supported the programme and made it successful.

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